The Toadfly Software Suite
The strength of our software comes from its ability to be tailored to your exact needs and specifications. Custom packages are created based on the specific requirements given by our client or according to solutions provided by our System Analysis Team. Our flagship products include Planning, Estimating, Scheduling, Labor/Cost and Timekeeping. Our main goal is to provide you with more efficient tools that will streamline your processes, reduce cost and add to your bottom line.
IPS 3.0 (Innovative Planning System)
IPS is the one-stop planning tool that can take a project, maintenance, Shutdown, Turnaround, or Outage from conception through execution all the way to completion, while saving both time and money for the end user.
IPS , with its seamless integration with SAP and Primavera, makes all actions in a Turn Around - Planning, Materials and Resource Management, Costing, Forecasting, etc, easy for Execution Team and helps them make insightful decisions.
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A.T.O.M. 3.0.
ATOM 3.0 provides managers with real-time reporting and historical views of employee and contractors’ hours. ATOM eliminates time-consuming manual data entry.
ATOM can be integrated with SAP and Primavera. SAP MM purchase orders and PM work orders can be pulled into ATOM 3.0. Once the supervisor authorizes the time for a contractor, the pay is calculated and forwarded to the invoicing system (SAP, JD Edwards, etc). Integration with Primavera (Scheduling software) , can be done by linking earned man hours to burned.
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Industrial Status Viewer (ISV)
ISV is a real-time, web-based application that enables departments to track, log and integrate daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance, equipment, safety, and personnel movements.
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Formal Scope Challenge
Formal Scope Challenge is a patented software that helps select the scope that would best satisfy your "key drivers"
and at the same time determine risk calculation on selected scope items.
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Labor & Cost
PO Management and Invoice Tracking with multiple forecasting options available.
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Electronic Permit System (EPS)
EPS is web-based, electronic permit system that facilitates the creation and authentication of all work permits such as safety, confined space, and hot work.
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STO Lifecycle Viewer
Automated Electronic Milestone Viewer that will capture your preparation milestones into a schedule and then monitor
your compliance.
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PathReady allows for an inexpensive way to identify weaknesses from the beginning stages all the way into your
execution phase.
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Industrial Progress Viewer (IPV)
IPV is a web-based application that fully transforms a CPM schedule into a 2-D model to visually illustrate the progress and/or scenarios for a Shutdown, Turnaround, Outage or Capital Project.
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Employee Chart (for contracting companies)
Employee Chart allows your company to access and understand information on all employees in a centralized location. No more "War Board", no more confusion.
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ATOM 3.0 Contractor Version
ATOM 3.0 Contractor Version provides contractors’ with real-time reporting and historical views of employee hours. Eliminate time-consuming manual data entry.
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T2 Track
T2 Track is a real-time web based application which requires no onsite data storage. Our hosting option allows the software to be housed behind our reduntant Cisco Firewalls with restricted physical access. The data is then streamed to the Customers. Facility in a highly encrypted format assuring the security of your data.
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ATOM 3.0 Mobile App
By using our ATOM 3.0 Mobile App, employees can quickly and easily badge In & Out. Utilizing cloud based technology there are no servers or software to maintain. Managers can run time and attendance reports anytime, anywhere.
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