Toadfly Mobile Timekeeping Center with ATOM 3.0
We have successfully commissioned four Mobile Timekeeping centers for various clients. This trailer will be suitable for new construction sites and for handling the heavy manpower during a Shutdown/Turnaround/Capital Project. Our Mobile Timekeeping Trailer is available for purchase and lease.

Our Mobile Timekeeping Trailer Includes:

  • Two-way turnstile
  • Access control panel with 2 HID Readers (one IN & one OUT)
  • ATOM Server with Aircard
  • One Desktop with MS Office
  • One Printer
  • Office Space for two people
  • Daily SAP data upload
  • 24x7 telephonic support
ATOM Portable Timekeeping System (PTKS)
Revolutionary Portable System
ATOM PTKS is Toadfly’s own portable timekeeping system based on ATOM 3.0. ATOM PTKS is the perfect solution for remote/temporary locations where a timekeeping system is needed, but a permanent system is not necessarily required at that point in time. Not only does this provide a flexible and efficient solution, but also a much more affordable option compared to other alternatives.

How does ATOM PTKS work?
ATOM PTKS is our very own design that uses a lightweight and portable case which can be carried easily within a job site. Employees and contractors can badge in/out by swiping their cards by the sides of the PTKS, at which point the data is sent to the Toadfly servers though an Internet connection. From there, managers can access the ATOM web application and look at real-time punches, timesheets, attendance, reports, cost reports, man-hour reports, etc.

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